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As a client, you can host music contests and accept applications from various artists, or make a direct request to an artist for commercial music.
As an artist, you can apply to music contests hosted by clients, or receive a direct request from a client for music composition.
No, there are no fees or commissions charges as long as you agree to the terms of agreement.
The agreement will be made available as soon as the full version of our service launches.

Other questions

Who owns the copyright?

The copyright remains with the artist even though the client pays for the composition. The payment for the composition pertains to the right to use the piece of music without any limitations. In order to obtain the copyright, the client must pay for the copyright to the artist. However, as Rhoonart resells the song to other clients, the main client also receives 20% of the profit of the resale cost. This is all done through agreements between the client, music composer and Rhoonart.

What happens if I reject consent of the distribution rights?

You have the choice to reject consent of the distribution rights, however you will be charged 20% commission on the transaction. As Rhoonart does not have the distribution rights, we would not re-sell your music which in turn means there would be no profits to be shared.

How many times can modifications be made for each transaction?

Rhoonart does not set a mandatory number of modifications, but most artists allow for three modification requests or more. Please check the profile of each music composer for more details.

How long does it take for music composition?

It depends on the artist. Each artist has a different number of days required for composition, so please check their profile page first before making a request.

When should I make a payment?

Payments are made upfront once the request is submitted and for the artist to start the work, however Rhoonart will hold your payment until you make the final approval. If you are not satisfied with the music you requested and would like a refund, please submit a refund request within seven days of receiving the initial version without any modification requests. Once modification requests to the artist are submitted, this will nullify the refund.

Are there any prerequisites to host or participate in a music contest?

There are no prerequisites to hold a music contest, however participation will depend on the eligibility terms set by the host.s

Have questions?

We would love to hear your opinions, ideas, or your experience with our platform. Please do not hesitate to contact us to share your thoughts and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner. Thank you for using Rhoonart!

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