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Wow! Rhoonart in London and represents the ten Korean content startups!

This is another breathtaking moment for us as Rhoonart is going to the United Kingdom as one of the top Korean startups. We will represent the Korean startups and this is our great honor.

We will be participating UK-KOREA Creative Industries Forum in London and Createch 2018 officially, so anyone who want to join us in London are more than welcome so let us know!

Honor to announce that Rhoonart has been chosen for the Government Startup Support Program!

This is very exciting moment for us as Rhoonart has been chosen for the Program ,and soon we will be enrolled their program for the next year. This is huge support and opportunity at the very right moment as we are about to start our beta service probably in July

We will try hard to bring this benefit to our users so all of us can grow together. We appreciate the government and all of our users. Thank you!

Pleasure to be part of the ceremony of the Korean Paralympic Natinoal Convention, with Mr. President Moon!

The ceremony of the Korean Paralympic National Convention has been held at Sejong Hall near Gwanghwamoon, and the surprise was, Mr. President has visited to cheer up the National Team with the first lady, Jungsook Kim.

The winners of the Music Contest, Hyungjoon Park (Music Director) and Eastcorner, have been invited for the award ceremony as well as the music performance. Rhoonart has also invited and it was our honor to be part of them. Special thanks to KPC and winners!

Having own place makes us work even more efficiently and effectively!

Rhoonart is now located at CKL Business Support Center which is running and managing by CKL(Content Korea Lab). This institution provides an office, marketing support, mentoring, legal support, funds, meeting room and so on. Also, we have other content startups right beside us and we believe this will be great opportunies to collaborate with them.

As this location is the center of Seoul, anyone who would like to join us for a coffee, you are very welcome anytime! Please click herefor details about CKL Business Support Center.


Rhoonart is very excited to announce that Rhoonart is now with Coway Wi-School!

Coway, top water-purifier and cosmetic company in Korea, has started the second-batch of Coway Wi-School. The CEO of Coway has concerend about the social problem, especially the problem of youth unemployment, so started the Wi-School to help and support them in terms of marketing, investment, foundation and etc.

Rhoonart has been seleceted for the second batch and will get support and education from Wi-School to accelerate its service and develop a business.

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